Lochaber Music Festival

Gift Tokens may be awarded by the Committee or by Members and Patrons of the Association in certain classes or group of classes.


Classes 15-17, 42-46 D.C.B Maitland Memorial Quaich
Class 47 Lochyside Gaelic Choir Trophy
Classes 48, 49 Mary MacPherson Memorial Trophy
Classes 53-57 John MacDonald Memorial Trophy
Class 60 The Jane Robinson Cup
Classes 61, 62, 64, 66, 67 Lochaber Choral Union Cup
Class 68 Mary Milton Trophy
Classes 74-75 Joan MacKintosh Trophy
Classes 74-77 Maitland Piano Trophy
Classes 78-83 Margaret Cairns Piano Trophy
Classes 95, 97, 99, 323 Rosemary Galer Violin/Viola Trophy
Classes 93,94 Lochaber Music School Junior Trophy
Classes 96, 98, 100, 324 Lochaber Music School Primary Trophy
Classes 103,105,107 Lochaber Music School Secondary Trophy
Classes 104,106,108 Jean Cameron Cup
Classes 109,110,111 Lochaber Music School Trophy
Classes 112-116 Russell String Duets Trophy
Classes 122, 123, 328 Elizabeth Findlay Memorial Trophy
Classes 124, 125 Isobel MacPhee Quaich
Classes 126-129 Chamber Music Groups Trophy
Class 331 Lochaber Strathspey & Reel Society Trophy
Classes 131-137 The Thomson Trophy
Classes 141-144,146-147,149 Mr & Mrs R Tatler Recorder Trophy
Class 154 Caol Primary School Recorder Trophy
Classes 158-182 Millennium Woodwind Trophy
  (for the performer who shows the most potential)
Classes 168-177 Moyra M. MacGregor Memorial Trophy
Classes 216-218 Silver Jubilee Trophy
Classes 219-222 Margaret Adam Memorial Trophy
Classes 223-231 J.R.G. Bruce Trophy for Brass
Classes 232-243 John Whyte Trophy
Classes 204-208, 253-255 Royal Bank of Scotland Trophy
Classes 257-260 Lydia Jackson Trophy
Classes 268-272 John Tague Memorial Cup
Class 273 Lochaber Cup For Chanter
Class 274 William MacLeod Trophy
Class 275 David MacGregor Cup
Class 276 Kenny Nicholson Memorial Trophy
Class 278 Archie Kennedy Memorial Trophy
Class 279 Alexander MacDonald Trophy
Class 280 James Grace Memorial Trophy
Class 281 Evan MacRae Trophy
Class 282 Lochaber Piping Society Trophy
Class 283 David MacGregor Trophy
Class 284 John MacCallum Memorial Trophy
Class 285 Lochaber Pipe Band Trophy
Class 286 Alec MacDonald Memorial Trophy
Class 287 Lochaber Young Musician of the Year Junior Trophy
Class 288 Lochaber Young Musician of the Year Senior Trophy
Classes 289-292 Val Howland-Cairney Trophy
Classes 293-294 Solo Verse Speaking Trophy
Classes 295-298 Caol Community Council Shield
Classes 303–304 Marshall & Pearson Trophy
Class 308 Church Guilds' Trophy for Bible Reading
Classes 309-316 Kilmallie Country Dance Club Trophy For Endeavour
Classes 309-316 Margaret Rankin Memorial Trophy
Class 312 Junior Organisations Trophy Age 10 and under
Class 350 Premier Junior Vocal Award
Class 351 Premier Adult Vocal Award
Class 352 Premier Instrumental Award
Class 353 Premier Scots Traditional Award
Classes 300-302 Lochaber Burns Club Trophy
Classes 18-23, 300-302 Lochaber Burns Club Awards
Classes 69, 70 Saltire Award
Classes 84-91 David C.B. Maitland Award for Piano